Mario & Cody had played fantasy football together for a number of years before deciding to create a fantasy content company. They both already spent a great deal of time creating their own rankings and doing their own analysis of players, so they thought why not find a way to get that content out to everyone. The Fantasy Bye Week was founded as their way of getting their well thought out and researched content to you, the fantasy football masses.


Mario is a long-time fantasy player who likes to get down and dirty with player stats. He will dig into years past for statistics that help determine how a player will perform in the future. He also has a knack for finding "diamonds in the rough". Those players late in drafts who come the end of the season played a huge role in helping you win your fantasy league. 


Brian handles all of the "stuff" that Mario and Cody just aren't good at, including editing all podcasts. He is an avid fantasy football player who has become famous for pulling some slimy trades off in his day. When he is not wheeling and dealing fantasy players or editing a podcast Brian is a teacher.


Cody is a financial advisor by day and fantasy football fanatic by, well, also day. He loves completing projections for players based on roster and situation changes, and then uses those projections to complete his rankings. His hope is that content put out by The Fantasy Bye Week helps viewers smack their league mates in every league they're in. 


Rob has been an avid fantasy football player for years. He loves to make bold predictions, blockbuster trades and find the diamonds in the rough that most might over look. Be sure to stay up to date with his weekly DFS plays to make some money!